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Is climbing dangerous?

Climbing, by nature, has extreme inherent risk. You must be willing to take complete responsibility for your own safety and that of your climbing partner when belaying. Climbing is dangerous, and it is impossible to remove all of the associated risks and dangers. Accept that climbing is dangerous and take responsibility for your own safety, or please don't climb.

I'm 17 and my parents are out of town. Can someone else sign my waiver?

Natural guardians are the only individuals that are allowed to complete the waiver for a minor. However, Aiguille's Climbing Waiver is available to complete in many ways even if out of town. Digital Waivers are available to be completed and submitted online and even on most smartphones. Natural guardian IDs may also be submitted by email.

What are the age and weight requirements to climb?

All climbers must be at least 4 years old and weigh at least 25 pounds. (Any participant that is 4 years of age needs to be accompanied by their parent)

Can I use my own equipment?

Participants are only allowed to use their own equipment if it is commercially manufactured and certified equipment intended for climbing purposes and if it is used as indicated by the manufacturers. Home made harnesses or "swiss seats" are not allowed.

I'm taking my 12 year old child to Aiguille. Can I climb?

In order to top rope, two participants are required: a climber and a belayer. In order to belay, participants must be 14 years or older to take the introductory belay class. If you are bringing children under the age of 14 to climb, you would need to have another participant who meets the age requirements to hold the ropes for you. However, we have bouldering and auto belays, these activities do not require a partner.

What type of clothing should I wear to rock climb?

Typically, athletic apparel or any clothing that permit movement and flexibility is appropriate to wear while climbing. While we are an indoor facility, the weather should influence what you should wear, so if it is cold outside, bring a jacket just in case. Closed toed shoes will be required to wear if you are not renting climbing shoes. Anyone with long hair should be prepared to pull their hair back.

My charitable organization is having a raffle/auction/event. Does Aiguille give donations?

Aiguille loves to support our community and can donate day passes for tax exempt charitable events. Please contact donations@aiguille.com for more details.