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Learn about rock climbing and what to expect during your visit.


Here at Aiguille we offer two types of climbing: bouldering and rope. Bouldering is climbing lower to the ground without the aid of a rope and does not require extensive instruction. Top-roping requires at least two people, the climber and the belayer, and requires instruction. Want to rope without a partner? Our auto-belays allow someone to climb without the requirement of a belayer. All participants must be at least five years old AND 25lbs to participate



Filling Out the Waiver

All participants are required to read and sign our Climbing Waiver, however, participants under the age of 18 will need to have it completed by their natural guardian. You may fill out the waiver in advance on our Waiver page.


Participants 18 years or older may complete their own Climbing Waiver and must provide a driver's license or other government issued identification for verification of identity and age. Participants under the age of 18 will need to have the Climbing Waiver completed by their Natural Guardian [?] whose ID will also be required for verification. Natural guardians that are not present at the time of arrival, a copy of this identification will be required. We provide a number of convenient ways to complete this documentation found on the Climbing Waiver page.


Purchasing Day Pass and Rental Equipment

Our day pass allows you access to all of our bouldering, top-rope & auto-belay climbing, as well as our cardio/weight equipment. Other than our normal hours of operation, there is no time limit for the length of your climbing experience.

  • Pricing
  • Day Passes
  • Day Pass (includes harness)$18.00
  • Child/ Hero Day Pass (includes harness)$15.00
  • Rental Equipment
  • Shoes & Chalk$6.00
  • Shoes Only$4.00
  • Chalk Only$3.00

Top-roping requires one rental harness per person and a belay device for every two people. Rental shoes are optional for top-roping and bouldering (as long as you are wearing closed toed shoes), but they are designed to be more effective on smaller foot holds.


Facility Tour and Rules

All first time guests will go on a quick 10 minute tour of our facility. You will learn about the different types of climbing we offer as well as how to use and enjoy our walls while following the necessary rules.

Once you have completed the tour, you will be able to access all of the different climbing walls at Aiguille!


If any of the climbers are under the age of 14 they will need someone 16 or older to help assist and monitor them in the facility.


It's time to make climbing part of your routine! Memberships get you full access to the gym during all business hours and open up great discounts and climbing classes. Visit our Memberships page for prices and all the amazing perks you receive when you're part of the Aiguille family.